Our Team
Elly Russell

Elly Russell is responsible for starting The Cake Makery. She started making cakes years ago with her mum but during her busy career in Web Development, Marketing and then seven years as a freelance Internet Consultant she never had much time to practice those baking skills.

In February 2010, she gave birth to twin girls Emily and Faith. Taking a year out to be a full time mum to twins was fun (and hard work!), but needs must, and a new way to earn money, that didn't mean Elly had to spend all day at her computer in the office had to be found.

January 2011 - As the twins first birthday grew closer, Elly wanted to make them a cake, so she set out to learn everything she could about decorating a two tier cake for the big day.

This was the result and she had the cake bug once again. So much that she promised her brother she would make him a three tier wedding cake with flowers for his big day in August. She ended up making a five tier cake with a huge spray of flowers and two dozen cupcakes!

After searching the internet for classes, and failing to find the kind of professional training that she wanted, Elly decided to do something drastic and set up her own business, that would set out to teach the kind of skills that a novice would want to learn.

After going to the Squires Cake Show in March 2011, Elly picked up a leaflet with Lou's details and decided to give her a call and see if she was interested in becoming a teacher for The Cake Makery. We hit it off on that first call and The Cake Makery was born!

Louise Wilson

Lou grew up baking and decorating cakes for fun with the family. Her first Christmas cake was made when she was just 15.

Lou trained was originally trained in graphic design and illustration, and spent 10 years working in graphics and running her own business. There were always amazing cakes for family and friends' special occasions! However the arrival of Lou's second child was life changing due to his medical condition. A new home-based occupation needed to be found and the old love of baking combined with the natural artistic talent, lead to the birth of Lou's Amazing Cakes.

After more than 20 years of commercial cake decorating, many people have asked after Lou's skills. Amazed that people wanted to learn from her, Lou was tentative when she first started demonstrating her sugarcraft, but quickly found it rewarding and enjoyable. She is an accredited demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft guild and regularly demos for them.

When Elly called Lou in early 2011, it came at a time when Lou was rethinking the balance of her business, and was considering teaching and passing on her skills on a more full time basis, versus commercial cake decorating. Meeting with Elly made that development easy and sparked the start of an exciting new sugarcraft school - The Cake Makery.

Lou still makes amazing cakes for select customers and now also enjoys passing on her years of experience and knowledge of sugarcraft. She is also regularly featured in Squires Kitchen's Wedding magazine.

Mark Willis

Mark discovered the world of sugarcraft in 2005 and has been indulging this passion ever since.

He has attended sugarcraft, baking and chocolate courses at Squires Kitchen International School, Farnham and the Callebaut UK Chocolate Academy, Banbury.

In May 2009 Mark became an Accredited Demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft Guild and frequently demonstrates his skills, particularly in chocolate, to branches of the British Sugarcraft Guild, National Sugar Art Association, WI and independent cake decorating and sugarcraft groups.

Laura Dodimead

Laura has been working in the sugarcraft industry for eight years building up her skills in modelling, airbrushing and painting.

She originally trained as an interior design and had a good career as a visual merchandiser and window dresser for many top high street brands.

While starting a family, she took advantage of a bit of free time and began baking anything and everything. She became a sponge cake supplier to local tearooms and started Cakey Bakes Cakes. Over the years the requests for novelty cakes from friends and family gave her the experience and the set of skills she has today.